Adopt – A – School

Adopt-A-School Program

The Barnstable Police Department’s Adopt-A-School Program maintains a police presence in the Town of Barnstable’s public elementary schools.  The Adopt-A-School Program consists of a team of officers assigned to perform specialized functions at a specific public elementary school.

The goals of the Adopt-A-School program are to:

Work in partnership with the Barnstable Public Schools
Streamline police services in the schools
Enhance school safety
Provide appropriate safety training for students
Provide positive role models for students
Establish close working relationships between officers & school staff
Create positive relations between the Department, school staff, students and their families
Adopt-A-School Officers are responsible for:

Creating a team like atmosphere between the police department and schools
Acting as Department liaison to their school, its students, parents and staff
Developing a good working relationship with school administrators and staff
Providing regular safety checks at their school while on duty
Addressing crime and disorder problems that adversely affect the proper learning environment of their schools
Assisting in crime prevention activities that may reduce crime in or around their school
Participating in activities such as having lunch with students, assisting at recess periods, etc.
Attending school social and sporting events, school council and PTO meetings, as necessary,
Assisting in the investigation of crimes committed by any person(s) within their school or on school property.
The Barnstable Police Department recognizes that Adopt-A-School Officers are a unique resource regarding their assigned school, and its staff and students. Officers perform their duties within the school and in addition to their regular patrol activities. Officer participation in the Adopt-A-School Program is on voluntary basis.