College Internship Program

Barnstable Police Department
College Undergraduate Student Internship Program

The Barnstable Police Department is committed to developing partnerships within our community. One endeavor, to work as community partners with colleges and universities, is the College Undergraduate Student Internship Program. This program allows the Barnstable Police Department and the student to benefit from shared experiences. The Barnstable Police Department has established the College Undergraduate Student Internship Program and is available to college students who meet the requirements for participation. The objective of the College Undergraduate Student Internship Program is to provide a positive learning environment for interested college students to experience the various aspects and responsibilities of law enforcement while completing a project as part of their studies.   The interns, while working on operational, administrative, and support functions, will be provided an atmosphere for learning.  Internships are unpaid, with the exception of the summer intern opportunity, in which a separate application must qualify for a hire as a Community Service Officer through the regular hiring process and have their educational institution approve this as an internship.  Coordination of the Internship Program rests with Anne Spillane, Finance & Support Services Director.  Ms. Spillane will ensure communication is made directing the intern to his or her initial job assignment and supervisor.

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College Undergraduate Internship Program


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