Community Service Officer

What is the training like for CSOs?

They receive 40 hrs of training in June, the majority of which is classroom instruction. 

·         CPR/First Aid/AED/Narcan

·         sharps safety

·         Mental Health First Aid

·         our internal computer record-keeping software

·         recognizing crimes/when to call for sworn officers

·         radio procedures

·         Town Ordinances

·         Defensive tactics/de-escalation techniques

·         Community Policing

·         Main Street familiarization (both classroom and practical)

What do you look for in applicants?

The selection process is very much about personality:  mature, outgoing, not easily rattled, patient, well-spoken.  Someone who understands the limitations of the role as a non-sworn, unarmed affiliate of the Police Department, who also recognizes the particular issues facing the Main Street, Hyannis area.

How do you think the officers affect the town during the summer?

The goal of the program is to provide a visible, easily identifiable Department presence on Main Street.  The CSOs act mainly as liaisons between sworn personnel and the businesses, tourists, etc, and are used to supplement the sworn presence on Main Street and the surrounding areas. They are our “eyes and ears”.  The program certainly benefits the tourists and business owners, as the CSOs are nearly within arm’s reach at all times.  The additional presence also quells some of the less desirable behaviors of individuals in the area.

What are the main issues the CSOs deal with while on the job?

A large portion of the Department’s time, particularly in the summer season, is spent dealing with the homeless population and associated behaviors.  The CSOs work in conjunction with the Community Impact Unit to deal with these issues. 

In addition, the CSOs are a great asset to the tourists visiting the area, providing a wealth of information.  For the businesses, the CSOs provide a direct, face-to-face contact with the Police Department; someone to hear their concerns and complaints, immediately accessible, 7 days a week.  The additional presence on Main Street helps deter shoplifters as well.

Internship Program?

If hired, the Community Services Officer Program can be applied to college internships. You must first get approval from your degree program and advise the Barnstable Police Department CSO Supervisor that you are going to be applying your experience as a CSO toward your college or university degree internship program.