Accident / Incident Reports


The Commonwealth of Massachusetts requires any operator of a motor vehicle who is involved in a crash to file a Motor Vehicle Crash Operator’s Report within 5 days whenever someone is injured, killed, or there is damage to the vehicles or other property in excess of $1000.

If you have been involved in a motor vehicle accident you should:
Contact your insurance company
Obtain a copy of the Police Officer’s crash report, if applicable**
Complete a Motor Vehicle Crash Operator’s Report (see link below) and submit a copy to the BPD Records Office
**  To obtain a copy of the Police Officer’s report you can either email your request to or purchase online at
Motor Vehicle Crash Operator Report

NOTE: If you are emailing your request please include the following pertinent information: 
  – Accident Number
  – Date of accident
  – Location of Accident
  – Your Date of Birth 


To obtain a copy of an incident report (example – if you are the victim of a burglary and would like a copy of the report for your insurance company) please email your request to When you e-mail your request please provide as much information as you can from the above list. 

If this is not feasible please call us at 508-775-5466 and we can make alternate arrangements.


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